Moby Makes Passionate Plea: Ditch Meat to Save Us All

In a recent guest post on The Huffington Post, Moby highlights the serious environmental consequences of a meat-centered diet.

Moby shares a passionate call to action, and attempts to clear this issue from its partisan politics. He explains, “But even though I’m a vegan for ethical reasons, I don’t want to write about the animal ethics of animal agriculture. I want to write about the ways in which animal agriculture is killing us and ruining our planet.

And he not only addresses the serious environmental repercussions of animal agriculture, but the toll it takes on people in less developed nations where food scarcity and insecurity are serious, daily issues: “Globally, we don’t have a famine problem; we have a livestock problem. Feeding food to animals and then eating the animals is kind of like heating your house during the winter by burning wood outside.

In a stirring conclusion he declares:

We’ve done hard things in the past. We’ve ended slavery. We’ve given everyone the right to vote. We’ve passed legislation prohibiting children from working in factories. We’re even moving towards a time when cigarette smoking will be seen as a foul, distant memory. We can do this. We have to. Our reliance on animal agriculture is literally killing us and ruining our climate and our planet.

We can all help save precious, limited resources, and protect animals (and people) by moving toward a plant-based lifestyle. For more information, check out