More Than 3,000 Pigs Burned Alive in Barn Fire at Famed #PigTrial Farm

An overnight barn fire occurred last Friday at Van Boekel Farms, a pig farm in Oxford County, Ontario. The blaze killed over 3,000 pigs.

Yes, you read that right. More than 3,000 innocent animals were burned alive. This is truly heartbreaking, but what makes this story all the more telling is that Van Boekel Farms is the farm that sued Toronto Pig Save activist Anita Krajnc for providing water to thirsty pigs in a transport truck en route to a slaughterhouse.

Last year Anita was found not guilty of criminal mischief for pouring water into the openings of a metal transport trailer in Burlington, Ontario, in June 2015. She wanted to give the animals a moment of reprieve from a lifetime of suffering. It was a simple act of kindness.

Farmed animals, including chickens, feel fear and pain just like the dogs and cats we love at home. But sadly, tragedies like this recent fire are incredibly common. Thousands of animals perish every year in barn fires. In fact, more than 1,200 barn fires occur in the United States each year.

Whether killed in a barn fire or a slaughterhouse, farmed animals are subjected to unspeakable cruelties: extreme confinement, brutal mutilations, and violent deaths.

See for yourself.

Clearly, the meat industry cares only about money. Thankfully, you have more power than you think. We can all withdraw our support from this cruel and destructive industry by ditching meat, dairy, and eggs in favor of healthy, humane alternatives.

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