New Investigation Exposes Horrors in Mexico’s Government-Owned Slaughterhouses

In the sixth investigation Mercy For Animals has conducted into government-owned slaughterhouses in Mexico, an undercover investigator documents extreme violence against animals.

The new footage shows Miguelito, a weeks-old piglet who is confined to a dirty barrel in darkness. In the video, a worker shoots Miguelito in the head with a bolt gun in an attempt to stun him, but the piglet remains visibly conscious. Despite this, the worker slits Miguelito’s throat and holds his body down until he slowly bleeds to death.

Undercover investigations by Mercy For Animals and other animal protection groups help expose the cruelty inherent in meat, egg, and dairy production. Sadly, there is little oversight of slaughterhouses to inspect and verify compliance with applicable laws and regulations and apply legal sanctions to noncompliant facilities, making farmed animals vulnerable to all kinds of abuse.

Even in countries where regulations require some form of stunning, many animals are killed while conscious, due to rapid slaughter lines, lack of adequate equipment, or careless workers. And most of the animals who are made unconscious before slaughter still suffer brutal stunning methods, such as electrocution or severe head trauma with captive-bolt guns. The slaughterhouse where Miguelito was killed does not comply with official standards for stunning pigs, as bolt guns are not authorized tools for this.

Millions of intelligent, sensitive pigs like Miguelito are victims of this cruelty. According to U.N. data, in Mexico alone 17 million pigs are killed for food every year.

This is why authorities must hold accountable those who violate the country’s laws and regulations. Join Mercy For Animals in speaking up for pigs like Miguelito by sharing the investigation and taking action HERE.