New Organization Aims to Make the Animal Rights Movement More Inclusive

We live in a diverse world, and the animal protection movement needs everyone on board to achieve our goal of ending animal exploitation. Fortunately, a new organization called Encompass is making diversity its mission.

Encompass states: “By 2044, people of color will be the majority of the U.S. population. Right now, less than 11 percent of advocates in our movement identify as people of color. If we want our collective mission—to reduce suffering—to take hold, our movement must reflect the country we are trying to change. We must be the change. We wholeheartedly agree!

Encompass has two main sections on its website. One section is devoted to animal advocates of color and lays out a comprehensive plan for current and future programs. The other section is designed to help animal organizations learn how to “maximize effectiveness among staff, recruit more people of color, and more holistically conduct outreach to communities of color.

To lend our voice to animals, we need to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard. We’re thrilled to welcome Encompass and to work together in creating a more inclusive world that’s kinder to animals.

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