New York Restaurant Goes Vegan, Sales Double

In a recent Vice article, New York City restaurateur Ravi DeRossi discusses his switch to all-vegan menus.

DeRossi, who is working to turn nearly all of his 15 restaurants and bars vegan, says food sales at cocktail bar Mother of Pearl have doubled since it went vegan.

In a candid interview with the Village Voice, DeRossi said he was inspired to make the transition after losing his beloved cat.

DeRossi had been a lifelong animal lover and on-and-off vegan, yet when he broke into the restaurant industry nearly a decade ago, he felt like he had to serve meat to be successful. “I got sucked into that world. I sort of lost my conscience along the way.

Although the double in sales is a great sign, DeRossi is just happy others share his ethical vegan beliefs. “I’m more worried about my conscience and living with the weight on my shoulders of the damage I’m doing, and the suffering of animals, DeRossi told Vice.

Thankfully, restaurateurs like DeRossi no longer need to serve meat to succeed. The world is changing and new vegan restaurants and products are coming out every day.

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