PHOTOS: 17 Faces of Factory Farming

1. Calf languishing for veal at Délimax Veal.

2. Cow having a stillborn calf ripped out of her at Winchester Dairy.

3. Nineteen-week-old chicken pressed against the bars of her cage as she’s transported to Kuku Farms.

4. Pig trapped in a gestation crate at Pipestone System.

5. Hens crammed in battery cages at Quality Egg of New England.

6. Turkey covered in his own blood at Butterball.

7. Mother pig imprisoned in a gestation crate at Iowa Select Farms.

8. Chick crying out at Horizon Hatchery.

9. Bloodied duck tortured for foie gras at Hudson Valley Foie Gras.

10. Turkey manhandled at Hybrid Turkeys.

11. Cow sprayed with hose at Andrus Dairy.

12. Piglet roughly handled at Seaboard Foods.

13. Dying calf at Willet Dairy.

14. Bird in distress at Reichardt Duck Farm.

15. Calf inside a veal crate at Buckeye Veal Farm.

16. Cow abused for dairy standing in filth at Bettencourt Dairies.

17. Piglet castrated at Christensen Farms.