Provocative MFA Tour Asks ‘Why Love One but Eat the Other?’

Last week marked the relaunch of MFA’s thought-provoking “Why Love One but Eat the Other?” tour, which is urging thousands of people throughout nine western states to reconsider their food choices.

For five weeks in a multitude of cities, two MFA staffers and hundreds of volunteers will demonstrate alongside a 10-foot-long inflatable puppy in a hamburger bun with posters and banners depicting a puppy and a piglet side-by-side, asking people to truly consider the difference between the animals they pet and the animals they eat. The demonstrations not only spark interest from passersby but reach a mass audience through major media coverage of the demonstrations, such as articles covering the events held so far this week in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Santa Barbara, Monterey and Chico.

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Farmed animals are every bit as intelligent and friendly as the dogs and cats we all know and love, yet not a single federal law provides protection for them during their lives on factory farms. The result is horrific and rampant cruelty.

If you’re not yet vegetarian and are thinking, “Yeah, why do I love one but eat the other?” check out for recipes, tips and resources on making the transition to a healthy and humane diet. If you want to join in and attend one of the demonstrations, we’d love to have you!

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