Ramming Metal Pipes Down Ducks’ Throats? NY Considers Force-Feeding Ban

Mercy For Animals is calling on New York lawmakers this week to stand up for defenseless ducks. Right now, the Empire State is home to two of the country’s three foie gras factory farms, where birds are violently force-fed for weeks on end to induce swollen and diseased livers that some consumers consider a “delicacy. Thankfully, a bill proposed by state senator Tony Avella could change all this by prohibiting force-feeding for good — but only if other lawmakers take action as well.

In a letter sent this week, MFA urged senate leadership to pass the bill and shared the gruesome findings of our 2013 undercover investigation at the country’s largest foie gras producer, based in Ferndale, New York. “Three times a day, workers violently grabbed ducks by their wings or necks, rammed a metal pipe down their throats, and pumped enormous amounts of food into their stomachs, the letter explains. “Because New York is one of the only U.S. states where this brutal practice continues, new legislation is needed to establish that force-feeding birds constitutes illegal animal cruelty.

See what an MFA undercover investigator found at the country’s biggest foie gras farm!

Experts note that routine force-feeding causes a bird’s liver to swell up to 10 times its natural size, making it difficult for the bird to breathe and inducing a serious disease known as “hepatic steatosis. As workers told our undercover investigator, the practice is so traumatic that many birds even die as a result. Because of this inherent cruelty, force-feeding has been banned in California and more than a dozen countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and Israel.

As home to millions of animal lovers, New York is no place for this practice. If you live in the state, please let your state senator know that you support S1559, the bill to end the cruel force-feeding of birds.

And wherever you live, remember that the best way to help animals is simply to stop eating them. Please visit ChooseVeg.com to learn how.