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Rejoice! Ben & Jerry’s to Introduce Vegan Ice Cream

In an exclusive interview with, Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Jerry Greenfield announced that his company is working on dairy-free ice cream.

According to Greenfield, “In the US there are alternatives from smaller companies but Ben & Jerry’s will be the first mainstream company that will do that and will also do it in a really delicious way.

The creamy, delicious frozen treat will be either coconut- or almond milk-based and should be on supermarket shelves by spring 2016 (you can give Ben & Jerry’s an extra nudge by signing this petition). 

Not only is this good news for people who avoid dairy products, it’s also excellent news for cows. Mercy For Animals has conducted several undercover investigations at dairy factory farms and each time we’ve exposed horrific animal abuse.

Cows exploited for dairy are forcibly and repeatedly impregnated and have their newborn calves taken from them shortly after birth. It has been reported that mother cows grieve and bellow for their stolen babies. In fact, a recent news story reported how residents in Newbury, Massachusetts, called police because cows were crying so loudly.

While we wait for Ben & Jerry’s, there are already incredibly decadent vegan ice cream varieties widely available. Some of our favorites include So Delicious, Coconut Bliss, and Amy’s.

For more information on going dairy-free, including humane alternatives to dairy products, visit