Scary Superbugs Pose Serious Threat

CAUTION-BIOHAZARD.jpgJust days after news broke that 80 percent of antibiotics used in the United States are being fed to farmed animals, the CDC issued a somber warning: neisseria gonorrhoeae, the bacteria that causes the STD gonorrhea, is becoming resistant to the current class of antibiotics used to treat it.

With over 300,000 cases reported in the United States in 2011, gonorrhea is the second-most reported infectious disease. Scientists are worried that an antibiotic-resistant version of the bacteria could lead to dangerous health percussions for people who become infected.

The gonorrhea bacteria is not the first harmful bacteria to morph into a superbug. Antibiotic-resistant strains of MRSA, a deadly skin bacteria, are also emerging. Scientists now blame farmers for the super strains of MRSA. It seems that farmers transmitted the bacteria to pigs who were being pumped full of antibiotics. This created a perfect environment for the bacteria to mutate. The strain is now found in turkeys, cattle, and other livestock.

As humans continue to overuse antibiotics on factory farms, it’s important for us to keep in mind that many diseases that affect us can also be carried by animals. Tuberculosis is infectious to cattle, and swine flu and bird flu have jumped the species barrier as well. Yet, farmers continue to cram sick animals into tiny spaces while repeatedly injecting them with antibiotics–putting us all at serious risk.

The best way to stave off superbugs is to boycott the industry that’s helping create them. Transitioning to a diet free of animal products is easy, healthy, and delicious. For more information, visit