School Disciplines Teacher Who Showed MFA Undercover Video to Class

A fifth grade school teacher’s fate hangs in the balance after he screened video footage from a Mercy For Animals undercover investigation in his class.

“It was definitely inappropriate, said superintendent of Au Gres Schools, Jeffrey Collier. “This is an excellent teacher on staff. Strong leader who made a poor decision in his judgment in this particular case.

Donna Spoon, a parent at Au Gres Schools, had this to add: “That’s up to the parents you know to show that. If they want their kids to see something like that to show their kids themselves. I definitely think he should be reprimanded somehow.

While we understand that factory farm footage is violent and disturbing, MFA investigators merely document standard and legal farming practices. Yes, slamming baby piglets headfirst onto concrete is standard and legal on today’s pork farms.

This is the video the teacher showed to his class:

Instead of turning their horror towards this teacher, parents should look to the perpetrators of such unimaginable cruelty and violence: America’s pig farmers.

If parents believe watching a video of pork production is too upsetting for children, how can they let their kids eat pork products? If Au Gres Schools is serving bacon or offering pepperoni pizza at lunch, it should definitely rethink the menu.

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