Shock and Horror: New Undercover Video Shows Pregnant Cows Being Violently Slaughtered for Beef

French animal rights group Association L214 recently uncovered some of the most cruel and sickening animal abuse at a beef slaughterhouse.

The footage shows pregnant cows being stunned and chained and having their throats cut. You can see them squirming, trying to get free as they bleed out. If this horrific scene isn’t enough to turn even the biggest meat lover vegan, the next most certainly is.

As slaughterhouse workers cut into a still-moving cow to start processing the meat, you see them cut out the uterus. From there they slice in and remove the fetus of a calf and then throw the baby into the garbage.

We urge you to watch this, but please note that the footage is extremely graphic.

Sickening, right?

Footage from a Mercy For Animals undercover investigation of Winchester dairy farm in New Mexico shows a distressed cow giving birth. Workers on the farm failed to give the mother proper veterinary care and she died while in labor.


Animal abuse is inherent to the dairy industry. Remember, the most important action we can take to help farmed animals is to choose healthy and humane vegan foods.

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