SICK! Asian Seafood Raised on Feces Approved for US Consumers

Adult-tilapia.jpgA recent article on Bloomberg’s website profiled seafood exporters in Asia who sell to the United States. The details described are shocking and downright disgusting.

The most disturbing account comes from a tilapia farm in China’s Guangdong province. At this particular facility, from which exporters purchase fish to sell to the United States, farmers feed fish a partial diet of feces from hundreds of pigs and geese.

Michael Doyle, director of the University of Georgia’s Center for Food Safety, warns that feeding fish a diet of feces is dangerous for consumers, noting that the “manure the Chinese use to feed fish is frequently contaminated with microbes like salmonella.”

Indeed, seafood imports from China–around 27 percent of the seafood consumed by Americans–are frequently contaminated, according to the FDA. In fact, the FDA has rejected 820 shipments since 2007.

In addition to creating human health risks, feeding animals crap (literally) is grossly inhumane and unacceptable. To learn more about transitioning to a cruelty-free vegan diet, visit