Sir Paul McCartney: Support Meat Free Monday!

It’s well documented that meat consumption is not only the leading cause of worldwide animal suffering, but also the biggest contributor to global warming. In fact, the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization has concluded that the livestock sector is “one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global.”

Thankfully, Sir Paul McCartney, perhaps the world’s most famous and outspoken vegetarian and animal advocate, has teamed up with international celebrities, environmentalists, animal advocates, and human health organizations to launch a gentile, easy to swallow message for consumers: go meat free on Monday.  Check out this video on the campaign’s launch:


Certainly the best action we can all take to prevent animal cruelty and environmental pollution is to go meat-free all seven days a week. Yet, the reality is that if everyone was to ditch meat just one day a week, literally billions of animals would be spared from factory farms and slaughterhouses. The “Support Meat Free Monday” campaign is guaranteed to awaken consumers worldwide to the plethora of delicious, healthy, humane, and eco-friendly vegan foods available to them. And once people see that giving up meat doesn’t mean you have to abandon your favorite flavors, many are bound to move quickly toward vegetarianism.