Social Media Is Meat Industry’s “Worst Nightmare”

According to a recent Quartz article, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have become an absolute pain for the meat industry.

The meat industry has faced relentless critiques from organizations and educated consumers. This week, speakers at the World Meat Congress in Uruguay said maintaining consumer trust is an uphill battle for the industry.

According to Ted Bilyea, an agribusiness consultant, “Social media is seen as the industry’s worst nightmare.

So the meat industry pays PR and marketing agencies millions per year to prepare webpages filled with falsehoods intended to ease consumers’ minds.

It’s important for educated consumers and organizations like Mercy For Animals to keep pushing the meat industry. Factory farming is terrible for the planet, animals, and public health. The good news is we’re winning and they know it.

Want to help? Here are four things you can do to fight factory farming right now.

1. Go vegan.

The best way to fight factory farming is to boycott its products. Simply by choosing to leave animals off your plate you are taking a strong stance against animal cruelty. To order your FREE Vegetarian Starter Guide, click here.

2. Share undercover videos on social media.

Most people have no idea how horribly factory farms abuse animals to bring us meat, dairy, and eggs. By sharing undercover videos on social media you can show friends and family the truth.

3. Visit our Action Center.

From tips on leafleting to literature available for order, our Action Center is loaded with resources to help get your fight against factory farming started.

4. Donate.

Making a donation to MFA is certainly a great way to help animals suffering at factory farms and slaughterhouses.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the truth—take action!

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