Standing in Solidarity with Asian Americans

Everyone deserves to feel safe. Yet since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, hate crimes against Asian Americans have increased. These attacks are fueled by xenophobic rhetoric blaming China for the pandemic.  

Mercy For Animals stands in solidarity with Asian communities. Injustice and hate erode values we all hold dear, such as compassion, respect, and equality, and have no place in our world—or in the animal protection movement. Together we can foster an inclusive, equitable society and movement. Our work to construct a compassionate food system depends on it. 

Mercy For Animals supporter Carrie Ann Inaba shared her perspective on The Talk.

We must all work to create a world where everyone is respected, protected, and free from bigotry and hate. Everyone can get involved, from joining mutual aid groups to supporting businesses owned by Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, to donating to organizations focused on justice and equity for Asian Americans. To learn more, check out Asian Americans Advancing Justice and the Southern Poverty Law Center.