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Texas Meat Packer Accused of Dumping Pig Blood in River

Pig Blood.jpgA Texas-based meat packing company and two of its vice presidents are facing criminal charges for allegedly dumping pig’s blood into the Trinity River and then tampering with evidence to impede water tests.

While potential fines for the company could run into the millions, the vice presidents, Joseph Carl Ondrusek Jr. and Donny Russell Ondrusek, could face up to two years in prison for tampering with evidence.

And here’s the vile kicker: the Ondruseks are apparently claiming they didn’t dump the blood on purpose because they sell it to Europe and Asia where it’s used in the making of black pudding and pig’s blood cake–blech!

There is no question that meat production is a dirty business that threatens waterways and air. Additionally, enormous factory farm waste lagoons sit stagnant and become breeding grounds for bacteria.

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