Thank You, Pamela Anderson! TV Icon Speaks Out Following MFA Viral Video

Canadian factory farming giant Lilydale and its parent company, Sofina Foods, are in hot water with actress Pamela Anderson over a viral video from Mercy For Animals showing turkeys shackled by their limbs, cut open, and scalded alive.

In an open letter to Sofina Foods CEO Michael Latifi, Anderson expresses disgust that the company is involved in “truly horrific animal abuse and calls for institutional change. She writes:
I watched hidden-camera video—shot by a whistleblower working at Lilydale—showing frightened turkeys painfully shackled upside down, shocked with electricity, sliced open, and even submerged in tanks of scalding water while still alive and able to feel pain.

I stopped eating turkeys and other animals a long time ago because I know they are as intelligent and friendly as the dogs and cats we all know and love, and they deserve to be protected from needless cruelty and violence.

But even people who eat meat can agree that animals shouldn’t be tortured to death. Yet that’s exactly what is happening at Lilydale.
Read the full letter here.

Watch the undercover video below:

The best way to help spare turkeys and other animals from horrific suffering is to follow Anderson’s lead and simply stop eating them. For helpful tips and great-tasting vegan recipes, visit

But we can do more than that. We can also demand that companies like Lilydale take common-sense steps to eliminate torture and alleviate the suffering of millions of animals.

Please join Pamela Anderson and Mercy For Animals in urging Lilydale to replace its sickening live-shackle slaughter method—one of the worst forms of animal abuse—with a less cruel system that eliminates shackling, shocking, cutting open, and scalding conscious animals. Sign and share the petition here.