The Ultimate Guide to the Best Vegan Shrimp

As awareness grows about the impact of our food choices on animals and the environment, more people are seeking foods that help reduce their carbon footprints and are kinder to animals. 

In the global aquaculture industry, about 440 billion shrimp are farmed and killed each year for human consumption. While the industry treats these animals as commodities, disregarding their well-being, research shows that shrimp can feel pain and suffer like other farmed animals. 

It is time to recognize and respect the lives of these sensitive animals. One positive step we can take is to choose vegan shrimp, which is not only delicious and satisfying but a more sustainable and ethical option.

Here are some top vegan shrimp brands to explore today:

All Vegetarian Inc.

All Vegetarian Inc. offers a versatile plant-based shrimp perfect for pasta, soups, tacos, and more. Whether you need a quick snack or a substantial addition to your meal, the taste and texture are truly impressive.

The Plant Based Seafood Co.

The Plant Based Seafood Co. is a family-owned business run entirely by women who are dedicated to creating nutritious and delicious seafood alternatives. Their plant-based Mind Blown coconut shrimp, coated with coconut shreds, offers an authentic taste and is a great addition to vegan tacos and surf-and-turf dishes. 


Beleaf’s shrimp matches the flavor and texture of animal-based shrimp, so switching to a plant-based option is easier than ever. It’s great for allergen-free meals and works well in all your favorite shrimp recipes.

Good2Go Veggie

Good2Go Veggie offers a spicy vegan option called Shock’n Shrimp. Whether deep-fried, air-fried, or pan-fried, these delicious shrimp made of konjac powder promise genuine sea-inspired texture and flavor without harming animals.

Vegan Finest Foods

Vegan Zeastar Crispy Coconut Shrimpz offer a delightful firm, juicy bite with a satisfying crunch. They are perfect for tropical food lovers and will bring island flavor to your dishes.

May Wah

May Wah’s vegan red spot prawns provide the texture and flavor of shrimp using entirely plant-based ingredients. Simply boil and use in any recipe that calls for prawns or shrimp. 

The fishing and aquaculture industries not only cause suffering for billions of animals—they degrade the environment through overfishing, pollution, and habitat destruction. Choosing plant-based foods can help preserve our oceans and maintain the delicate balance of aquatic life. Take a stand for shrimp here, and if you’re looking for delicious vegan recipes and helpful tips, be sure to check out our FREE How to Eat Veg guide.