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The Hidden Horrors in Dairy

coworganicfarming.jpgThe US dairy industry is now petitioning the FDA to approve aspartame as a hidden ingredient in milk. If the FDA caves, consumers will have no knowledge as to whether the milk they’re buying contains the controversial sugar substitute. This would also hold true for other supermarket items, including yogurt, sour cream, and 17 other dairy products.

Unfortunately for American shoppers, this isn’t the only hidden ingredient found in marketed cow’s milk. The USDA allows for a certain amount of pus and blood as well. Antibiotics and growth hormones, which are also routinely fed to dairy cows, are not mentioned anywhere on milk product packaging.

But the most horrifying hidden ingredient in dairy products is extreme animal cruelty. Dairy cows are routinely kept pregnant in order to constantly produce milk. They are confined to filthy stalls so small they can barely move. And their newborn calves are taken from them just hours after birth.

Through our undercover investigations, Mercy For Animals has uncovered the deeply disturbing abuse endured by dairy cows on factory farms. The video below was shot at Bettencourt Dairies, a Burger King cheese supplier.


The only way to ensure your own safety from the chemicals and hormones found in cow’s milk and to protect these sensitive animals from such horrid abuse is to adopt a healthy and cruelty-free vegan diet. For recipes and tips, visit