This Petition Urges Animal Rescue Groups to Adopt a Vegan Policy

A petition by Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, a no-kill dog and cat rescue group in North Carolina, urges animal welfare and rescue groups to adopt a public vegan policy.

A vegan policy doesn’t mean everyone needs to go vegan overnight, but it would be, as the petition describes it, a powerful, symbolic act that presents a unique opportunity for animal rescuers to start this urgent conversation with their colleagues, their supporters, and the public about the impacts of meat and dairy consumption.

While many rescue groups do amazing work to help companion animals, very few have a vegan policy to help animals who are raised and killed for food. The petition aims to get rescue groups to extend their vision to all animals, not just dogs and cats.

Surprisingly, many self-proclaimed animal lovers contribute to suffering by consuming meat, dairy, and eggs. But with your help, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue can reach its goal of 100,000 signatures and take this challenge to rescues across the country.

So why should dog and cat lovers go vegan?

Well, for starters, the animals we raise and kill for food are just as sensitive and intelligent as the dogs and cats we adore at home. Consider, for example, that chickens can recognize more than 100 individuals, cows form close friendships, and pigs are thought to have the intelligence of a three-year-old child.

In all the ways that matter, farmed animals are very similar to dogs and cats. Yet we relegate them to intense and nightmarish abuse: gruesome amputations and burns; cramped confinement and overcrowding; and terrifying, grisly slaughter. If we treated just one dog or cat the way the meat, dairy, and egg industries treat billions of animals, we’d be behind bars for animal abuse.

The truth is, we can’t call ourselves animal lovers while we continue to eat animals.

Thankfully, no one needs to eat animal products to thrive. In fact, ditching meat, dairy, and eggs greatly benefits our health and the planet.

So if you love your dogs or cats and see them as the unique, sensitive, and intelligent beings they are, it’s time you opened your eyes and started seeing farmed animals the same way.

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