Thousands of Coyotes, Wolves, and Bears Killed for Hamburger

Meat-free eaters have a new reason to feel good about their meal choices. According to The Huffington Post, farmed animals aren’t the only ones spared by a vegetarian lifestyle.

In fact, thousands of wild animals, including bears, coyotes, foxes, and even endangered species, are killed because they are seen as a threat to the livestock industry.

According to the USDA’s Wildlife Services program, 75,326 coyotes, 3,700 foxes, and 419 bears were killed just last year, and that’s just a fraction of the overwhelming 2 million total wild animals destroyed.

HuffPo also revealed the disturbing and torturous methods used to kill these animals: exploding poison caps, injurious traps, and aerial gunning.

Thankfully, a meat-free lifestyle reduces the suffering of all animals, making it the most compassionate choice.

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