Tofu Versus Meat: Which Would You Rather Eat?

A recent video by Insider gives a behind-the-scenes view of how tofu is made. The clip is interesting, but reveals nothing extraordinary: Soybeans are processed and finally cut into giant cubes of tofu.

Contrast this with how animal products are made.

Mercy For Animals has conducted over 60 undercover investigations at factory farms and slaughterhouses across North America. Each time we’ve exposed horrific scenes that leave even the most stoic people sick to their stomachs.

Have a look:

Animals at today’s factory farms are cruelly confined and routinely mutilated without painkillers before facing a violent death at the slaughterhouse. What’s more, not a single federal law protects animals during their lives at factory farms. And the law that’s supposed to protect animals at the slaughterhouse, the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act, excludes birds and rabbits, leaving them with virtually no protection from abuse.

There’s a reason parents take their kids to an apple orchard or a pumpkin patch and not to a slaughterhouse. And there’s a reason you can easily watch footage from a tofu factory but can barely stand the gruesome scenes of a meat factory.

Thankfully, no one needs to eat animal products to thrive; it’s quite the opposite. There are tremendous health and environmental benefits to ditching animal products and switching to delicious plant-based alternatives, like tofu.

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