Trailblazing All-Vegetarian School Is Getting Good Grades

Recognizing the many health benefits of vegetarian eating, a public school in Queens, New York, made the decision in January to serve exclusively vegetarian food in its school cafeteria. Well, now the cafeteria is getting its report card.

The Daily News” reports that according to school officials, “students at the top-rated Public School 244, in Flushing, have longer attention spans and better academic scores since the school went vegetarian.”

Principal Bob Groff said he believes students “achieve better when they have healthier food choices and are educated about those food choices.”

Students are enjoying the new fare, which includes falafel, organic roasted tofu and braised black beans.

From major public school districts adopting Meatless Mondays to an all-vegan college cafeteria menu, more and more schools are responding to the growing demand for vegetarian meals. If you’re a student at a school that doesn’t have many plant-based options, check out these tips for adding your school to the growing list of veg-friendly educational institutions.

There are so many benefits to going vegetarian, from long-term health and well-being to preserving the environment and protecting animals from horrific cruelty. Find out how you can incorporate more veg foods into your diet by visiting