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Transport Truck Full of Cows Slides Off Road, Nearly Falls Into River

A truck loaded with cows bound for slaughter was traveling down icy roads in Canada to a Tyson plant in Washington state when it slipped off the road and slid down an embankment. The vehicle narrowly missed falling into a freezing river. No injuries were reported but all the cows, though they survived this terrifying ordeal, will be slaughtered.

Stories like this are all too common for animals raised and killed for food. In fact, we’ve covered dozens of vehicular accidents that have left farmed animals injured or dead. In June, a truck carrying 5,000 chickens to a slaughterhouse in Washington state overturned, killing hundreds of birds. And back in 2017, there were so many of these kinds of accidents, we compiled them in a blog post. These accidents involved cows caught in a burning trailer, hens driven into a highway pillar, and pigs trapped under electrical wire.

The truth is that animals face dangerous and appalling conditions when they are transported from factory farms to slaughterhouses. Crowded together, they go for hours without food or water and are exposed to all sorts of weather conditions.

Take a look:

We all have the power to say no to this cruelty by choosing to avoid animal products in favor of humane and healthy plant-based foods. Thankfully, the vegan movement has never been stronger and it’s easier than ever to make the switch.

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