Truck Carrying More Than 5,000 Chickens Overturns on Highway, Killing Hundreds of Birds

Earlier this week, a transport truck carrying over 5,000 chickens overturned on its way to the slaughterhouse, killing hundreds of birds and injuring countless others.

Washington state patrol trooper Will Finn stated, “The driver of this combination semi truck and trailer loaded with chickens performed an illegal U-turn.” The truck overturned on state highway 502 in Clark County, Washington, en route from the factory farm where the chickens were raised to a Foster Farms slaughterhouse.

Local animal rights activists rushed to the scene to try to save as many birds as they could but were unfortunately met by workers from Foster Farms who were there collecting the chickens for slaughter.

A 2015 Mercy For Animals undercover investigation at a Foster Farms slaughterhouse (that was actually certified humane by American Humane Association) revealed horrific animal cruelty, including birds scalded alive and workers throwing, punching, and tormenting chickens before violently shackling them upside down to have their throats cut open.


Sadly, this isn’t the first time animals have been killed while in transport to slaughter. Last year, a highway in Austria was shut down after a transport truck driver fell asleep and collided with a bridge pillar, spewing thousands of chickens onto the roadway, killing and mangling thousands of birds.

Animals raised and slaughtered for food suffer miserably for nearly their entire lives: mutilated without painkillers, crammed in tiny wire cages, and treated as nothing more than meat, dairy, and egg machines. During transport, animals are subjected to weather extremes and left for hours without food or water.

A 2014 MFA investigation of Western Hog Exchange in Canada revealed frightened animals suffering heat stress and dehydration after being transported hundreds of kilometers in sweltering heat and workers using electric prods to repeatedly shock “downed pigs.

See for yourself.

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