Tyson Foods Averages One Human Amputee Per Month

A recent Buzzfeed News article discusses the hazards of working in a meat-processing plant:

One year ago, a sanitation worker at a meat-processing plant in Missouri lost both his hands in a work-related accident. Two months later, a worker amputated part of his right thumb while running flat steaks over a skinner in an Amarillo, Texas factory.

Tyson Foods, America’s largest meat producer, processes 35 million chickens, 400,000 pigs, and 128,000 cows every week. On average, one employee a month is injured by equipment and loses a finger or limb. Working at high speeds to meet demand and using sharp equipment like skinners, band saws, wind saws, and hide grippers is a recipe for disaster.

The conditions on Tyson factory farms are not only dangerous for humans but also brutal for animals. MFA’s multiple undercover investigations at Tyson chicken farms show thousands of birds living in deplorable conditions and many being thrown around and beaten.

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