Unflushed Toilets? No Running Water in the Bathroom Sink? Welcome to a Meat Processing Plant.

XL Foods, the company responsible for the largest meat recall in Canadian history, is making headlines again. It’s the same old story: contamination and lack of sanitation.

In 2012, the plant was closed after 18 people were sickened by meat contaminated with E. coli, which can cause serious health problems and sometimes death. XL’s failure to properly test for this dangerous bacterium is a problem to this day.

According to CTV National News, poor employee hygiene and unsanitary conditions persisted in 2014. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency found:
  • No running water in the women’s and men’s bathroom sinks
  • No running water in the men’s urinal
  • Toilets with fecal matter left unflushed
Factory farmers have a history of putting profits before public safety. Earlier this month, two former egg industry executives received jail time as a result of a 2010 salmonella outbreak at Quality Egg of New England. Sickening thousands, the perpetrators are believed to have had knowledge of potential contamination, but continued with business as usual.

Grossed out? There’s never been a better time to protect your health and the lives of countless animals by ditching meat in favor of plant-based alternatives.

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