U.S. Senate Bails Out Dairy Industry With $1 Billion of Taxpayer Money

Earlier this week, the United States Senate signed a budget agreement to hand over $1 billion of taxpayer money to the dying dairy industry.

Supporters of the agreement say the money will be used for programs to help the industry recover from falling dairy prices. A major cause of this slump is the consumer shift away from dairy and toward healthier, more responsible alternatives.

According to a 2013 USDA report, dairy consumption has been on the decline for decades, with each generation consuming less milk than the one before. In fact, dairy consumption has fallen a whopping 40 percent since 1970.

Sadly, the budget agreement isn’t the first time U.S. taxpayers have been forced to bail out the dairy industry. In 2016, after a group of legislators urged the USDA to help dairy farmers, the department bought 11 million pounds of cheese—20 million dollars’ worth—to reduce surplus inventories.

Why does the U.S. government keep bailing out the dairy industry? The answer is simple: It has a vested interest. You’ve probably never heard of Dairy Management Incorporated, but this devious government-sponsored marketing group’s sole mission is to push consumption of dairy products in the U.S. and elsewhere.

It’s deplorable that our own government promotes an industry so dangerous for consumers and our planet and so heartless to cows who suffer unimaginably at dairy farms.

Mercy For Animals investigations at dairy facilities throughout the U.S. have documented a culture of cruelty and neglect. Cows used in dairy production are treated as mere milk-producing machines, and their miserable lives are filled with fear and pain.

See for yourself.

Fortunately, you can join the millions of people taking a stand against this deceitful and sickening industry by switching to a compassionate vegan diet. Click here to get started. And click here for our ultimate guide to dairy-free milk.