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Victory! CA Voters Just Made History for Farmed Animals

Good news! California voters struck an amazing victory for farmed animals this Election Day, overwhelmingly passing Prop 12, a ballot measure that outlaws the most extreme forms of animal confinement throughout the Golden State. Once it’s implemented, egg-laying hens, baby calves raised for veal, and mother pigs will no longer be confined in cages. Additionally, all eggs, veal, and pork sold in the state will meet this standard.

Democrats; Republicans; vegans; omnivores; and people of all ages, genders, and races banded together to pass the historic measure, sending a clear message: California voters believe animal cruelty is wrong.

As a movement, we clearly have incredible power to make progress for animals when we galvanize support from people of all walks of life.

In the early 2000s, voters in Arizona and Florida banned some of the cruelest farmed animal confinement. Ten years ago, California voters passed Prop 2 by a landslide to reduce farmed animal suffering. Then in 2016, Massachusetts residents voted yes on Question 3 to do the same. Today, Californians passed Prop 12. The meat and egg industries should take notice: Every time farmed animal protection is on the ballot, voters across the ideological spectrum vote yes, spelling an end to the days of cramming animals into tiny cages. With each law enacted, profiting from animal suffering gets harder and harder. Saying, “This is just how it is, this is just business as usual, gets harder and harder. The people have spoken today: We will not accept animal cruelty. And we will not stop until we abolish every last cage.

This historic victory—and the ones that came before it—would not have happened without the tireless efforts of MFA’s supporters and staff. Thank you. We were proud to play an important role in the enormous coalition. Here are our amazing collective achievements:
  • Mobilized more than 1,600 volunteers who were essential in gathering 660,000 signatures

  • Made 14,000 phone calls

  • Sent 1.375 million text messages to voters

  • Signed up over 200 people for get-out-the-vote activities on or before Election Day
MFA is so grateful to the thousands of grassroots volunteers in California and supporters all over the nation who devoted their time, passion, and energy to winning this landmark campaign. Together we reached millions of people with a message of compassion for farmed animals and brought thousands more into the dynamic world of animal advocacy. Don’t be surprised when the coalitions—and friendships—we have forged along the way lead to even bigger victories for animals down the road.

With every victory we are one step closer to a world where every single hen, mother pig, and baby calf raised for veal is free from extreme confinement. We are one step closer to a world where all animals are respected and free to live their lives.

So let’s celebrate our win. Let’s celebrate what this means for millions of individual animals—and what this means for this movement, for the extraordinary potential we have to create a kinder world. And then let’s get back to work and keep the momentum going!