Victory: Supreme Court Upholds California’s Ban on Force-Feeding of Ducks and Geese!

On Tuesday, the United States Supreme Court upheld a groundbreaking California law that effectively prohibits the production and sale of foie gras within the state.

French for “fatty liver, foie gras is produced by shoving a metal pipe down the throats of ducks and force-feeding them multiple times a day for several weeks. This painful process causes the birds’ livers to swell up to 10 times the normal size. The resulting diseased fatty livers are marketed as foie gras.

The California law took effect in 2012 and also banned the sale of any out-of-state foie gras produced by the cruel force-feeding process.

A group of foie gras producers and sellers, including Hudson Valley Foie Gras, the country’s largest foie gras producer, challenged the law on constitutional grounds and lost. Then they tried to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, but the nation’s highest court declined to hear their appeal.

Just last year, Mercy For Animals conducted an undercover investigation at Hudson Valley Foie Gras in upstate New York, and documented just how brutal and inhumane foie gras production really is. Workers were caught on video grabbing ducks by their wings and necks and violently shoving metal pipes down their throats to force-feed them.

Countless ducks hyperventilated as their unnaturally large livers pressed against their lungs, making it difficult for them to breathe, and numerous ducks died from the horrific force-feeding process. Those who survived were shackled upside down and had their throats cut open, causing them to slowly bleed to death.

You can watch the undercover video here:

Despite the fact that foie gras is the product of blatant animal cruelty, continues to sell these diseased livers to consumers in the U.S. and abroad. Mercy For Animals is now calling on Amazon to immediately end the sale of foie gras on its website.

In the past, Amazon has ended the sale of other products due to cruel and inhumane production practices. It’s time they implemented an ethical and humane policy banning the sale of foie gras too.

Please take action! Click here to sign our petition urging Amazon to take a stand against egregious cruelty to animals by prohibiting the sale of foie gras.