Washington State to Kill Entire Wolf Pack So You Can Eat Burgers

Wildlife officials in Washington state are set to kill an entire wolf pack consisting of six adults and five pups. The reason: to protect livestock living nearby (since mid-July nearly a dozen cows have been attacked).

While officials try to justify the brutal slaughter of the wolf pack as necessary to protect livestock, the truth is that the cows themselves will be next on the chopping block.

Do ranchers care about the lives of their animals? Only insomuch as they bring them a profit once they’re slaughtered. That’s what the killing of these innocent wolves really protects.

Each year, thousands of wild animals, including bears, coyotes, foxes, and even endangered species, are killed because they are seen as a threat to the livestock industry — all so people can eat meat.

If the violence and abuse that occur inside America’s factory farms don’t move you to stop eating meat, dairy, and eggs, perhaps this story will. It’s time we stood up for all animals by leaving all animal products off our plates and transitioning to a humane plant-based diet.

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