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Watch Out Walmart: MFA Is Coming!

Just weeks after the second leg of our Walmart Cruelty Tour came to a close, Mercy For Animals is back on the road with a strong message to Walmart that its support of inhumane gestation crates will simply not stand.

Tour1.jpgTraveling to over 50 cities in just three months, MFA’s national campaign coordinator, Jeni Haines, will take this country by storm, organizing protests and toting a 10-foot-tall, inflatable pig in a gestation crate. Jeni and MFA’s incredible team of volunteers are going to show Walmart we mean business.

Want to give Walmart a piece of your mind? Join the tour when it comes to your hometown. Find dates and locations on If we’re not in your neighborhood or you can’t make it to a protest, be sure to sign our petition. Also, let your friends know about the tour by posting the URL to all of your social media sites.

Remember, the most powerful step we can take to help stop the torturous animal abuse that is rampant on factory farms is to transition to a compassionate, vegan diet. Check out for tips, tricks, and recipes.