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We’re Taking Over: MFA Expands Outreach Efforts to Brazil

We’re excited to announce that MFA has expanded its outreach efforts to Brazil!

One of South America’s largest countries, Brazil is the world’s sixth-largest meat consumer and third-largest meat producer.

Brazil also devotes an incredible amount of land to production of grains, primarily soybeans used to feed farmed animals. About 80 percent of all grains produced in Brazil are destined for farmed animals. The global average is 50 percent.

Raising animals for food is responsible for a shocking 80 percent of Amazon rainforest destruction and the mass extinction of many species in the region.

These are just a few of the reasons our on-the-ground and online outreach efforts in Brazil are so important.

In an effort to make veg eating as easy as possible, MFA has launched several new resources specifically for Brazil, including the new EscolhaVeg.com.br site, complete with all of the tools needed to make the transition to a healthy and humane plant-based diet: helpful hints, quick meal ideas, and inspiration.

Visitors to the site can also order or download their free O Guia Vegetariano Para Começar, a vegetarian starter guide packed with loads of information about helping animals, including delicious recipes.

We’re bringing our vital work for animals to millions of people who may otherwise never learn the truth about where our food comes from. These resources will open even more consumers’ hearts and minds to the plight of farmed animals and empower them to make humane food choices.