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When ‘Bird Brain’ Became a Compliment

chicken_face_14906852_by_stockproject1-d34cxrf.jpgA recent “Scientific American” article highlights a study on chicken intelligence and shows that chickens might be a whole lot smarter than previously thought.

The article explains that “scientists have learned that this bird can be deceptive and cunning, that it possesses communication skills on par with those of some primates and that it uses sophisticated signals to convey its intentions.”

“When making decisions,” the article continues, “the chicken takes into account its own prior experience and knowledge surrounding the situation” and “can solve complex problems and empathizes with individuals that are in danger.”

And according to Christine Nicol, a professor of animal welfare at Bristol University, chickens are capable of mathematical reasoning and logic, including numeracy, self-control, and even basic structural engineering. These traits are not seen in children until the age of four.

Despite the clear evidence of farmed animal intelligence and sentience, billions of animals are routinely abused and slaughtered each year for human consumption.

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