White Castle and Red Robin Selling Out of Hugely Popular Impossible Burger

Impossible Foods’ revolutionary Impossible Burger is selling out at huge restaurant chains White Castle and Red Robin! Vegans, vegetarians, and even self-proclaimed meat eaters have been so eager to try the hearty plant-based burger that demand is disrupting the restaurants’ supply chains.
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It all started when Burger King debuted the Impossible Whopper at select locations in the United States. The test markets were so receptive that Burger King has promised to serve the burger nationwide by the end of this year. The excitement has customers flocking to Red Robin, White Castle, and other restaurants across the country that offer the Impossible Burger, putting pressure on their supply chains. Tricia Scanlon, a bartender at a Red Robin in New York, told The New York Times:
I can’t believe how many people are going crazy over it. A lot of people have been asking for it, people that are vegetarians or vegans. Everybody who lives that lifestyle absolutely loves it.
Since introducing an updated version of its meatless burger, Impossible Foods has enjoyed a 50 percent increase in revenue, and its burger is now on the menus of 9,000 restaurants. When it comes to supplying these restaurants, Impossible Foods stresses there is no favoritism. Rachel Konrad, a company spokesperson, stated: “We are not the ones who are saying, ‘Oh, Burger King gets it or this little mom-and-pop in Indianapolis gets it.’ We definitely didn’t predict that demand would spike this quickly.
To ramp up output, Impossible Foods is increasing staff at its plant in Oakland, California, where production goes on 24 hours a day. White Castle vice president Jamie Richardson is not worried about Impossible Foods’ ability to keep up with orders, saying:
These are the same people who figured out how to make a plant-based protein look like beef, sizzle like beef and taste like beef. This, for us, is a permanent menu item.
Vegan options at fast-food restaurants have been exploding lately. Del Taco just added two new Beyond Meat burritos to its menu, Carl’s Jr. created the Beyond Famous Star burger, and Qdoba brought vegan ground beef from Impossible Foods to all locations.
With plant-based dishes popping up on menus far and wide, there’s truly never been a better time to eat more vegan meals. You can get delicious recipes and easy meal ideas by ordering a FREE Vegetarian Starter Guide today.