White Castle Launches Veggie Sliders Nationwide Today!

Fast-food restaurant chain White Castle unveiled its first-ever veggie slider nationwide today!

Back in June we reported that White Castle was testing the new vegetarian product in select locations. According to the chain’s New York regional director, Susan Milazzo, customers were asking for a meat alternative.

Partnering with the brand Dr. Praeger’s, White Castle has created new sliders comprised of carrots, zucchini, peas, spinach, and broccoli, which will be cooked on separate veggie burger-only grills.

While the patty itself is vegan, word on the street is the sauces that come with it are not, so be sure to ask for the sliders plain and then dress them up with some ketchup and mustard. Delicious!

Looking for other chain restaurants that offer vegan options? Check out this short video below and visit ChooseVeg.com for tips on cooking vegan at home.

(UPDATE: When White Castle originally launched its veggie sliders, the bun was not vegan. They have since announced that the bun is now vegan.)