Why Mercy For Animals Supports a National Strike Against Gender Violence in Mexico

Throughout history, women have spearheaded countless social justice movements, including the animal protection movement. Mercy For Animals’ team reflects this, consisting largely of women. Without them, the organization could not continue to make influential progress for animals who are abused and exploited.

Therefore, Mercy For Animals stands in solidarity with those participating in the national women’s strike (#ParoNacional) in Mexico on Monday, March 9, and will be at the marches taking place in Mexico City and Monterrey on International Women’s Day.

Women in Mexico face alarming rates of violence. According to figures from the National System of Public Security, 10 women are killed every day. The Mexican government needs to recognize the severity of gender violence and take the necessary measures to protect women’s rights and safety.

To show our support for the national strike and International Women’s Day, Mercy For Animals is granting our staff in Mexico an additional paid day off to participate. We are proud to stand with those striking for gender justice. And we encourage other organizations to do the same. Everyone at Mercy For Animals is grateful to work alongside some of the most passionate and dedicated women in the animal protection movement.

Mercy For Animals’ core belief is that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of gender identity, race, sexual orientation, religion, country of origin, or—of course—species.

Sadly, we have much more work to do to achieve an equitable world. Indeed, women worldwide are often less secure in their jobs, are paid less than male counterparts, and suffer sexual harassment and discrimination in their everyday lives.

We will never stop fighting for equality for all.