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Why the Next 10 Years of Veganism Will Crush the Last 10

Revolutionary plant-based products are everywhere!

From the new Beyond Burger to the VeganEgg, plant-based products are taking over. While meat consumption in the U.S. fell 15 percent in 2015, vegan products are booming. In fact, they’re expected to make up a third of the protein market by 2054.

Millions are being invested.

Private investors are putting millions into food startups like Beyond Meat, which had Microsoft mogul Bill Gates singing its praises, or Hampton Creek Foods, which garnered the attention of Asia’s richest businessman, Li Ka-Shing, along with a $23 million investment.

The millennials have arrived.

Forget the “lazy stereotype. This new generation is now the largest, and they are ready to shake up the meat industry. According to The New York Times, 12 percent of millennials identify as vegetarian or vegan, the largest percentage of any generation. A recent article in The Guardian suggests this may be due to information sharing on social media. Regardless of why millennials are switching to a plant-based diet, the future for animals and the planet looks bright!

Amazing new vegan restaurants are taking over the world.

Vegan restaurants are not only popping up everywhere; they’re also thriving. In fact, just this year both Veggie Grill and by Chloe. announced they were expanding. With the growing interest in plant-based eating, the number of delicious vegan restaurants will only continue to rise.

Vegan cheese is finally here.

Just this year, Food & Wine magazine named 2016 the year of vegan cheese. With companies like Kite Hill, Miyoko’s Creamery, Chao Cheeses, and Dr. Cow, your taste buds won’t even know what hit them. These specialty nut cheeses are creamy and delicious.

Fewer animals are being killed.

According to the USDA, 400 million fewer animals were killed in 2014 than in 2007. This means Americans are consuming less meat and fewer animals are needlessly suffering on cruel factory farms.

“Clean” (cultured) meat is on the rise.

Debuted in 2013, clean meat is not only gaining a lot of attention, but may soon be affordable and available at your local grocery store. Clean meat is real meat grown naturally from cells that are taken non-invasively from animals. This remarkable product could mean a future of meat without animal slaughter.

Within the last 10 years we’ve made enormous strides toward reducing meat consumption and helping spare the lives of innocent animals. You can help make the next 10 years as great as the last by switching to a compassionate plant-based diet.

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