Why You Shouldn’t Give Your Kids Milk Chocolate This Halloween

Does your little one enjoy milk chocolate candy on Halloween? Unbeknownst to you, there’s a shocking secret ingredient lurking in that candy bar: animal cruelty.

What many don’t know is that cows suffer immensely to unwillingly produce milk for our nation’s dairy farmers. Their baby calves endure unthinkable abuse too.

This may seem obvious, but like all other mammals, in order to produce milk cows have to be pregnant or have just given birth. So cows on dairy farms are subjected to repeated artificial insemination, a highly invasive and stressful procedure. Once pregnant, a cow’s gestation period is nine months, just like a human’s.

Once the cow gives birth, the real tragedy begins. Newborn calves are typically taken away from their mothers within hours of birth. After being torn from their calves, cows often bellow for hours or even days, pacing and searching for them.

Sounds heartbreaking, right? Just watch how this nightmare unfolds.

Thankfully, by withdrawing your support of this cruel industry and switching to vegan alternatives, you and your family can help keep cow families together.

Enjoy Halloween without supporting animal cruelty. Click here for a list of vegan candy.

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