Wisconsin State Senate Just Approved Dangerous Fish Farming Bill

According to the Star Tribune, the Wisconsin state senate has passed a bill that would seriously weaken fish farm regulations.

The dangerous new proposal would allow fish farms to discharge waste into a wetland without a permit. Additionally, natural bodies of water could serve as fish farms, and farms wouldn’t need permits to construct or enlarge artificial bodies of water connected to navigable waterways. This could allow invasive fish species to escape into the wild.

The state assembly and senate have approved the bill. Now it goes to Governor Scott Walker’s desk to be signed.

Fish farming is hazardous to the environment. Last month, a seafood processing plant was forced to pay $3.2 million for violating EPA air pollution regulations.

The fishing industry is not only dangerous to the environment but also incredibly cruel. Farm-raised fish live in crowded tanks where they often face aggression and a battle for food. They also endure constant changes in lighting, water depth, currents, and more, causing extreme stress and even depression.

Like dogs and cats, fish can suffer immensely. A Mercy For Animals undercover investigation at a fish slaughter facility uncovered fish being skinned alive.


The best thing we can do to remove our support from the unsustainable, unhealthy, and cruel fishing industry is to leave fish off our plates and switch to a compassionate vegan diet.

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