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WTF! Pig Adopted From BC Shelter Was Slaughtered and Eaten by New Caretakers

The internet is exploding with anger over the story of a Vancouver couple who adopted a pig from the BC SPCA and slaughtered her for food, claiming they were unable to care for her.

Molly, a three-year-old Vietnamese potbellied pig, arrived at the SPCA’s Cowichan shelter after a cruelty investigation. According to shelter staff, she was nursed back to health and finally adopted last month. Sadly, only a few weeks later, she had been slaughtered.

Vancouver Island resident and fellow pig guardian Brandee McKee discovered what had happened to Molly through friends. She claims the couple didn’t know how to properly care for Molly and, rather than trying to rehome her, decided to kill her for food. Rightfully furious, McKee says, “Had this been a cat or a dog there probably would have been charges.

Unfortunately, because animals are considered property under Canadian law, it’s perfectly legal to kill a companion animal.

That these people would welcome a rescued pig into their family only to slaughter her weeks later is truly deplorable. But sadly, millions of pigs are violently killed every year in Canada and the United States for food.

Pigs are incredibly smart. In fact, they’re considered the fifth-most intelligent animal in the world—even more intelligent than dogs. And like dogs and cats, pigs are playful and social. Despite this, the meat industry treats them as mere objects.

Pigs raised and killed for food are taken from their mothers at just 10 days old and have their tails cut off, their teeth clipped, and their testicles ripped out without any painkillers. Piglets who are too sick or not growing fast enough are gruesomely killed by being slammed headfirst onto concrete floors or tossed into overcrowded gassing carts where they slowly suffocate from CO2. Surviving piglets are packed together into filthy pens.

While pigs in nature live for about 15 years, at factory farms they are selectively bred to grow extremely fast, reaching slaughter size in just six months. Sows are repeatedly impregnated and confined in gestation crates—barren metal cages so small the animals are unable to turn around.

After a life of torment, pigs are brutally slaughtered by being hoisted upside down and having their throats cut.

Like Molly, pigs trapped at factory farms are kind, sensitive, and smart. They have a will to live and a desire to be free. There’s an obvious contradiction in loving some animals while eating others.

If Molly’s story leaves you outraged, then it’s time you aligned your food choices with your values. Choose to leave pigs and all other animals off your plate. Click here to get started. And check out our Pinterest page for thousands of recipe ideas.