Yes on Prop 12! Early Voting Begins for CA Law to End Extreme Farmed Animal Confinement

Election Day is less than a month away, and early voting has already begun in California for what could be the strongest and most impactful animal protection law in history. Thanks to the grassroots efforts of a large coalition of groups, including Mercy For Animals, and over a thousand dedicated animal activists from across the state, the Prevention of Cruelty to Farm Animals Act is officially on the Golden State’s ballot as Proposition 12. Now it’s time for Californians to vote YES on 12!

This historic measure would ban the sale of veal, eggs, and pork from facilities that confine animals in cages where they can barely move for their entire lives. Dozens of MFA undercover investigations have exposed the unfathomable cruelty inherent in this extreme cage confinement—cruelty that Prop 12 would prevent for tens of millions of animals every year.

Measures like Prop 12 are crucial, since not a single federal law protects animals during their lives at factory farms. The meat, dairy, and egg industries may use images of happy animals roaming beautiful open pastures in their advertising campaigns, but the truth is, most egg-laying hens and mother pigs in the U.S. are kept in enclosures so small the animals are unable to even turn around.

See for yourself.

Prop 12 will strengthen California’s landmark anti-confinement law, Proposition 2, which voters overwhelmingly passed a decade ago. Proposition 2 paved the way for other laws like it nationwide, and since its passage, virtually every major food retailer in the country has adopted requirements even more robust than those of the California law. With Prop 12, California can remain a leader on animal welfare by ending the era of extreme confinement for good.

The measure is endorsed by dozens of leading animal protection organizations and humane societies, nearly 500 California veterinarians, the Center for Food Safety, Sierra Club of California, and more.

If you’re registered to vote in California, please vote YES on 12 this November! Or strike your ballot ahead of time—early voting has already begun in some parts of the state.

Even if you live outside the state, you can donate to the campaign and get involved by joining our month-long Proposition 12 task force. You’ll receive three emails a week for the next four weeks, each containing quick and easy actions for you to take to help pass Prop 12. To sign up, please email [email protected].

And remember, you can fight for farmed animals every single day simply by boycotting the industry that abuses them. Click here to learn more about switching to a compassionate vegan diet.

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