Mercy For Animals works to build the capacity, scale, and breadth of the animal protection movement.

Mercy For Animals supports animal advocates every day while training the leaders of tomorrow.

We have incredible momentum in our movement right now. People are marching in the streets, organizing their communities, amplifying their voices online, and refusing to be silent.

Our organizing program inspires more people to get active in the animal protection movement and develops community leaders who spread our mission far and wide.

We aim to build the capacity, scale, and breadth of the movement so that it is inclusive, diverse, empowered, and well-equipped to achieve our shared vision of a world where animals are respected and protected.

Building a Movement

We coach volunteer leaders in effective activism to become Mercy For Animals ambassadors who are empowered to build mission-aligned communities and cultivate future advocacy leaders.

We research effective activism, critical emerging animal welfare issues (such as fish welfare), and ways to maximize our impact.

We can’t end factory farming alone, so we build relationships and collaborate with other movements to initiate and execute projects that prevent animal cruelty.