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Come work side by side with our amazing team to change the world for farmed animals.


As a Mercy For Animals legal intern, you can help shape the future of animal law. Legal interns gain invaluable experience while assisting our campaigns and high-impact work advocating for animals in courts, state houses, and administrative agencies. A vital part of our team, our interns are closely involved with important projects.

You’ll work directly with our international team of attorneys to research and analyze federal, state, and local laws; draft memoranda; review undercover footage; execute campaigns; and assist with administrative and corporate governance tasks pertaining to general nonprofit administration and legal compliance. You’ll leave with hands-on experience in a wide variety of legal disciplines and insight into the field of animal protection.


Mercy For Animals offers full-time internships during the summer, fall, and spring, which can be completed remotely. Internships are unpaid, but academic credit may be available. We are looking for a minimum time commitment of six weeks.

Application deadlines for legal department internships are July 1 for fall, November 1 for spring, and December 31 for summer.


If you’ve got what it takes to intern with our legal team,


If you have questions, please refer to our legal internship FAQ.

Time of My Life

Hear what former interns had to say about their time at Mercy For Animals.

I adored the other interns I worked with and my supervisor: They were all fun, down-to-earth, hardworking individuals who showed remarkable empathy for animals. Not only did my passion grow during my internship but my activist skills were also enhanced in a way that made my activism more effective and efficient. I absolutely plan to continue a career in animal activism and am delighted to have developed new knowledge and skills from my internship that I can take back to my college and city.

—Olivia Carkulis

The reason I went to law school in the first place was to find a way—some way—to fight for farmed animals. The work at Mercy For Animals was ideal for me; I jumped right into hard-hitting investigations, researching the legal issues, and looking for hooks on which to hang factory farms. The feeling when I later saw those same investigations splashed across the internet was electric—at once horrified by the atrocity of it all and yet inspired by the idea that my work was having a direct impact on the national conversation about animals. My internship at Mercy For Animals gave me deep insights into how to be an effective voice for animals, and I will carry these lessons with me throughout my career as an animal rights attorney.

—Kevin Schneider

Interning with Mercy For Animals launched my career in animal protection, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have had the opportunity. Although I came into the position relatively new to the field, everyone was very willing to share their knowledge and experience. I received hands-on training and was given the chance to get out there and really feel like I was making a difference from the very first day. It was an inspiration to work with such a compassionate, dedicated group of activists.

—Kristen Diederich

My internship with Mercy For Animals proved to be more valuable than I ever could have imagined. I saw firsthand the positive impact grassroots advocacy has on the animal rights movement. I had the opportunity to meet some really inspiring activists who I now call my friends. More than anything, I learned how to speak up for the billions of animals suffering every year. And that is something I carry with me everywhere, from the supermarket to the office to conversations with friends.

—Rachel Curit

Interning at Mercy For Animals was nothing short of incredible. My two months spent at the LA office were the most exciting, enlightening, and positively challenging two months yet! Mercy For Animals provided me with an invaluable opportunity to combine my legal knowledge and love of animals to serve as a voice for farmed animals within the legal framework. I also participated in occasional outreach work, which has empowered me with the confidence to promote compassionate living through leafleting and fundraising events back home. My time spent at Mercy For Animals has not only given me the experience necessary to further my career in the animal rights legal sector but has also made me a more effective advocate for farmed animals!

—Eve Massie

My internship with Mercy For Animals was life-changing—literally! During my winter break as a freshman in college, I had the opportunity to work with an experienced Mercy For Animals outreach coordinator who helped me channel my anger about factory farming and taught me how to be an effective animal advocate and make a real difference in the lives of thousands, if not millions, of farmed animals. Everything I learned through my internship helped me thrive the following year as a leader of my campus’s animal advocacy group. My internship with Mercy For Animals gave me the confidence and experience I needed to be a successful animal advocate and has indeed changed my life by leading me to my dream job: a full-time position in Mercy For Animals’ education department!

—Alan Darer

Serving as a Mercy For Animals legal intern has been a privilege. I have been able to work on a variety of legal issues related to farmed animal protection and advocacy, including conducting crucial research necessary to facilitate undercover investigations and expose cruelty. I have had the privilege of working with dedicated advocates and an outstanding attorney who strive every day to help farmed animals. Inspired by this experience, I plan to use my law degree to expose cruelty and abuse, to demand enforcement of current animal welfare laws, and to create a better world for animals.

—Meg York

My time with Mercy For Animals is one of my most treasured memories, for both personal and professional reasons. Personally, it granted me opportunities to become closer than ever with animal rights activists, like-minded individuals, and a think tank that propels me further in the pursuit of my passion. Professionally, I learned invaluable research strategies and out-of-the-box analysis, as well as how to interpret and read massive amounts of legal information. I use these lessons daily in both law school and in my current position. I recommend Mercy For Animals every chance I get.

—Priscilla Rader

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