Public Engagement

Mercy For Animals keeps farmed animals in the headlines and on millions of minds worldwide.

Telling the Animals’ Stories

The world is waking up to the cruelty of factory farming and demanding a compassionate food system.

Our public engagement team is at the forefront of this change, inspiring news stories in some of the world’s largest media outlets, collaborating with influential celebrities to expand our reach, producing hard-hitting videos that expose factory farming, and educating millions through social media on the benefits of plant-based eating.

Each year, our eye-opening videos and inspiring stories receive billions of views, motivating people to speak up for animals and choose plant-based foods.

Mercy For Animals has inspired news stories by some of the world’s largest media outlets, including NPR and the Associated Press, and published op-eds through USA Today, Fortune, Vox, and more—keeping farmed animals and plant-based eating in the headlines.

Mercy For Animals collaborates with an amazing group of celebrities and online influencers dedicated to using their platforms to advocate for animals., our website devoted to making plant-based eating easier and more accessible, opens eyes and hearts to the suffering farmed animals endure and encourages people to join our mighty movement.