15 Pieces of Photographic Evidence Proving Dairy Comes From Hell

Life is a living hell for cows in the dairy industry. These 15 stills from our undercover investigations prove it.

1. A cow with a huge, bloody abscess on her face

A newborn calf about to be taken away from his mother

A cow being sprayed in the face with a high-powered hose

A cow being kicked in the stomach

A cow’s tail being cut off without any painkillers

Cows forced to stand in mud and feces

A cow being kicked in the face

Bloody udders attached to a milking machine

A dead calf left to rot

A calf being force-fed before being slaughtered for veal

Calves being thrown into the back of a pickup truck

A cow being beaten with a metal object

13. A cow being picked up by a tractor to go to slaughter

14. Dead calves thrown on top of each other

15. A cow being dragged with a metal chain to be sent to slaughter

Mercy For Animals’ brave undercover investigators risk everything to shed light on the horrors farmed animals endure every day.

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