7 Ways to Inspire the Next Generation of Vegan Activists

It’s important that we speak out not only for farmed animals who are exploited right now but also for those who will be in the future. We can do this by inspiring the next generation of vegan activists. Here’s how we can start:

Show them undercover footage.

Most high schoolers have no idea how terribly factory farms abuse animals to produce meat, dairy, and eggs. By sharing undercover videos, you can show people the harsh realities farmed animals face every day.

Tell them the truth.

Sure, this means uncomfortable conversations about slaughter and the plight of farmed animals. But because this horror goes on behind closed doors, sharing the truth and having an open, honest dialogue is crucial.

Teach them self-care.

Discovering the extreme cruelty endured by animals at factory farms can sometimes be overwhelming. It’s vital that you and others understand the importance of self-care. Click here for some tips.

Start a campaign with them.

The best way to inspire people is to show them firsthand how they can take action and make change. Launching a campaign to get their schools to offer vegan meals or incorporate Meatless Monday is a great way to do this. Click here for some awesome tips!

Get them involved.

Attending demonstrations and leafleting events is a great way for them to meet other activists and experience what it’s like to be an activist. These events are always fun. Plus, they’re a great way to get more involved in the movement. Click here for tips on leafleting.

Teach them how to cook vegan.

For so many people, going vegan completely changes the way they eat. Educate them not only on why veganism is great for their health but also on how to make a few simple vegan meals. Click here for a list of easy and delicious vegan recipes!


Making a donation to Mercy For Animals is certainly a great way to help animals suffering at factory farms and slaughterhouses. Though most young people don’t have much expendable income, they can get creative and produce their own fundraisers through our peep-to-peer program.

With these helpful tips, we can inspire tomorrow’s vegan activists, and together we can end factory farming and create a more compassionate world.

Not veg yet? Click here to learn more about a healthy and humane vegan lifestyle.