5 Photos That Reminded People That the Meat They Were Eating Used to Be an Animal

With everything precut or cooked, it’s easy to forget that the meat on your plate was once a living, breathing animal.

The following images made headlines and horrified people, but the truth is that the ones who should be truly horrified are the millions of animals suffering on factory farms.

1. This gentleman who thought he was getting a KFC basket of fried chicken thighs, legs, and wings, but got more than he ordered — a whole chicken head!

2. This person who was just going to enjoy an egg sunny side up for breakfast, but cracked it open, found a blood spot, and was reminded that chickens have blood vessels.

3. This person who ordered a chicken bowl from Chipotle and was suddenly reminded that those cubes of chicken came from, well, a chicken, thanks to the foot that made its way into her meal.

4. This man who was reminded that his meal came from a once quite literally breathing animal when he bit into a chicken’s lung!

5. This Reddit user was appalled when she went to fry up some bacon and found a nipple attached to her breakfast meat, reminding her that her meal came from a kind and sensitive pig.

Animals on factory farms live miserable lives trapped in tiny, filthy cages and subjected to the cruelest abuse. Don’t forget where your food came from. Make the connection. Have compassion. Go vegan. 

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