9 Thoughts I Had While Watching a Mercy For Animals Undercover Video for the First Time

Going undercover on a factory farm isn’t for the faint of heart. Our investigators risk their lives to expose the horrors inflicted on animals. We know hidden-camera videos are difficult to watch, but imagine the animals who have to live that nightmare. 

The following thoughts are ones we’ve all had while watching our first Mercy For Animals undercover video. 

1. Why would you ever treat an animal like that?!?

2. This has to be illegal, right? 

3. What kind of person would ever work on a factory farm?

4. OMG. Please make this stop.

5. It’s so filthy. That’s disgusting! 

6. I can’t believe my food comes from this place.

7. Certainly humanely raised meat is better, isn’t it? 

8. (Looking over at the dog sitting nearby) I’ll never let anything bad happen to you! 

9. I will never eat any animal products ever again. 

Animals on factory farms live miserable lives, and the brave investigators who show the world the truth are their heroes. Without these videos the world wouldn’t know where meat, dairy, and eggs come from.

Thankfully, times are changing and more people than ever are ditching animal products for a compassionate vegan lifestyle. 

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